Mission and Vision :
  • To be a centre for excellence in elementary education and teacher education programme (elementary and secondary) in the state.
  • To organize pre-service training for prospective teachers, and capacity building programmes for inservice teachers, conferences, meetings, seminars and briefing sessions for State Education Officers and field functionaries.
  • To organize induction level training programmes for the new entrants / teaching workforce of the teachers training institutions.
  • To restructure syllabus and curriculum used at the elementary education and teacher education sector so as to make it need-based and relevant based and functional.
  • To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate research and innovation activities among faculty members of teacher training institutions.
  • To generate new ideas, innovations, improved practices in education, quality monitoring and supervision etc. by conducting studies and researches both short term and longitudinal and their dissemination among faculty members of teacher training institutions.

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  • To produce high quality teaching learning materials and enriched literature for teachers, trainers, supervisors and key educational functionaries.
  • To provide academic and professional support and guidance to agencies and institutions working in the field of education, population and development education, child rights and environment protection, and eco-friendly life style, community education etc.
  • To collaborate with other agencies, institutions, organizations for the cause of quality in school education and teacher education programme.

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